Does Proactol Plus work?

What is Proactol?

One of the top selling diet pills in the last several years has got to be Proactol Plus for sure. Originally known only as Proactol, this natural fat binder/appetite suppressant has been on the market since 2007.

What sets apart Proactol from other, mostly inferior diet pills on the market is its safety record and big success rate among the dieters crowd worldwide.

Generally speaking, fat binders are very safe in respect to side effects, as they don’t work by artificially influencing working of your nervous system; rather they try to stop part of your fat intake and remove that fat from your body. That’s why Proactol is highly recommended to those people that eat a lot of high-fat meals (not that other dieters can’t use Proactol!).

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How does Proactol work?

Main ingredient inside Proactol is called NeOpuntia, which is derived from leaves of nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica. This plant has shown to contain outstanding fat binding properties; therefore it can bind to the fats in your stomach and remove part of that fat out from your body (via waste removal process). It is estimated that Proactol can bind up to 28% of your fat intake.

Apart from stopping the fat from your diet, Proactol fibre complex is also able to slow down digestion and slow down absorption of glucose, which results in you being full for longer periods of time.

Is Proactol medically proven?

Proactol is certified medical device with safety and efficacy assessed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe. One of the latest medical trials done on Proactol is the study from 2011, and it is the so called “Human study”.

A group of 98 individual between ages 18 and 35 were given Proactol Plus over the period of 4 weeks. After the trial was over, about 70% of participants reported positive effects on their weight, which means that Proactol really helped them lose weight.

On top of these medical trials, Proactol is also medically approved and endorsed by several doctors, nutritionists and medical workers from around the world (Will Davis, Dr Ikram Abidi, Aurora Barker, nurse from Canada are some of the persons who endorse Proactol).

Proactol medical endorsements

Proactol side effects

There aren’t any reported side effects so far. This is totally understandable since Proactol doesn’t work like many diet pills that suppress your appetite in the artificial way. Those pills usually contain dangerous chemical ingredients, which do more harm than good to users. In that respect, Proactol is totally different, using only natural ingredients that are totally safe.

Where to purchase Proactol Plus?

Proactol is sold primarily via the official website. And there are no other places where you can buy it from.

Manufacturers are very serious about their policy because there were some cases in the past where Proactol was sold on eBay, Amazon etc by suspicious sellers, and people who bought Proactol this way didn’t get the full money back guarantee, of course.

1-month supply will cost you around £42. With every purchase you get 6-month cash back guarantee, which makes your purchase totally risk free.

If you have been looking for the right diet pill for some time now, then we wholeheartedly recommend buying Proactol Plus. Over the years we have seen many diet pills that came and went away, but Proactol has always been very stable and sat there in the top of the weight loss market. So far we haven’t heard any negative reviews or bad things about Proactol, which just proves the quality of this diet pill.

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