Can you buy Proactol on eBay?

eBay is very popular auction bidding site where many items are sold, including various health supplements and diet pills. Lately we noticed Proactol fat binder being sold on eBay and we have to warn you: do not buy Proactol from eBay and similar 3rd party sites.

We have seen numerous cases where people first bought Proactol on eBay and then reported getting fraudulent pills in their mail! Manufacturers of Proactol also warned all consumers not to buy their product from eBay, Amazon etc. If you buy Proactol from ebay, you risk of not getting the real and genuine Proactol, not getting the full money back guarantee (6 months long) or not getting the usual customer support that you would normally get.

Where to buy Proactol Plus from?

Only official website sells real and genuine Proactol.

Visit Proactol site for more details

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  • ILHR
  • RA7Y

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