Proactol main ingredients

Proactol contains 100% organic ingredients. The main ingredient inside Proactol is called NeOpuntia, which is a fiber complex derived from leaves of nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica aka Prickly pear.

Leaves of this plant have been subject of numerous clinical trials, and it was discovered and confirmed that this plant had great fat binding properties. So the extract of Opuntia Ficus Indica is being used inside Proactol, and it is called NeOpuntia natural fiber complex.

The natural fiber complex inside Proactol is composed of 2 parts: non-soluble and soluble. Non-soluble fibres come into contact with dietary fats in your stomach, forming a fluid gel that is harder to digest by your body. Those fats have to be eliminated naturally via bowel movements. Soluble fibres inside Proactol help to slow down digestion inside your body and also slow down the absorption of glucose into your blood stream. This just makes you feel full for longer.

Other ingredients found inside Proactol pill are: Microcrystalline cellulose, Calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate, Silica, Providone, Magnesium stearate. They are present as bulking agents and to make the tablet stay put together.

Proactol main benefits

  • Weight loss of 2-5 lbs per week
  • Stops up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and prevents it from being digested
  • Cuts your caloric intake by 295 calories a day
  • Takes the edge off food cravings
  • May lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Lots of photo & video testimonials
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • Doesn’t have any side effects attached

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